Administrative Law

The aim of this legal discipline, which is based on the constitution, is to realize the public interest and to determine the functioning of the administration. Administrative law examines the functioning of institutions and organizations within the public administration, their powers, and their responsibilities to individuals.

Administrative Law requires intensive research and dedication due to its comprehensive and extensive legislation. QSS Partners provides this intensive and dedicated work necessary for Administrative Law and offers both consultancy and representation services to our real and legal personal clients.

  • Our field of expertise in the administrative law includes
  • Action for Annulment
  • Urban Transformation Law and Actions for Annulment
  • Full Remedy Action
  • Rectification of adequate pay notice cancellation issued for premises under government ownership
  • Actions for Annulment Against Municipal Fines
  • Actions for Annulment of Regulatory Actions of the Administration
  • Consultancy on Public Procurement and Litigation in Case of Disputes That May Arise Before the Court
  • Cases in Which Other Laws Explicitly Assigned to the Administrative Court