Bankruptcy and Enforcement Law

Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law provides and regulates the state’s intervention and forced collection of debtors who refrain from fulfilling their debts and obligations on time. It aims to enable creditors to access their receivables.

QSS Partners collects receivables from debtors who fail to perform their debts and obligations in a timely manner by means of compulsory execution.
The Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law protects the rights of the creditor as well as the debtor.

It also prevents damages by providing services to its clients who are applied for execution in the status of the debtor. We object to the debt or signature of clients who are debtors in accordance with their requests. We provide the necessary attorneyship and consultancy services for lawsuits such as debt relief or negative determination.

  • Initiating and maintaining follow-ups
  • Process monitoring of enforcement proceedings and collection of receivables,
  • Action for annulment of objection
  • Negative declaratory action
  • Opening of bankruptcy, postponement of bankruptcy, declaration of the concordat
  • Objection to signature or debt
  • The action of replevin and rei vindicatio
  • Action in denial of debt and reclaim of compensation
  • Collecting accumulated receivables from legal and real persons
  • Follow-up of the criminal proceedings resulting from enforcement disputes
  • Follow-up and obtaining of the bill to suspend a decree