Corporate Law – Merger,
Division, and Acquisitions

QSS Partners has been carrying on its work extensively on Corporate Law. It provides local and foreign client companies with fast and regular consulting services for all potential issues with corporate law. We provide constant advisory service from the establishment and the termination of local and foreign client companies.

During this process, we support all agreements of the client companies including both domestic and international agreements. Some of our areas of expertise are on,

  • Review, preparation, and negotiation of contracts
  • Preparation and conducting of the General Assembly
  • Follow-up of the annulment of general assembly resolutions
  • Follow-up of proceedings for the dismissal of company representatives
  • Preparation of resolution of the shareholders' assembly
  • Preparation of Board of Directors for Joint-Stock Companies
  • Increase and decrease of company capital
  • Preparation and management of Due Diligence for Merger and Acquisition
  • Establishment, re-registration, partnership, and forming a joint venture, strategic partnership, and runoff of enterprise and its activities
  • Follow-up of the action for dissolution of the company and withdrawal and/or expulsion from the partnership
  • Advocacy and counseling services within the scope of Capital Market Law
  • Establishment of branches and/or companies and/or liaison offices of foreign companies in Turkey,
  • Follow-up of the suspension of bankruptcy,
  • Follow-up of the concordat
  • Providing consultancy services in all types of contracts regulating commercial relations such as Purchase and Sale, Franchising, Donation, Barter, Rent, Lease, Bailment, Loan, Leasing, Service, Power of Attorney, Commission, Surety and Guarantee and Work Agreements
  • Prevention of unfair competition
  • Consultancy within the scope of consumer legislation
  • Due Diligence