Family and Inheritance Law

Family is the smallest unit of society. It is the most fundamental contribution to the creation of society. Regarding family law, disputes may arise from issues such as engagement, marriage, divorce, and custody may arise.

QSS Partners provides consultancy and advocacy services to local and foreign clients on engagement, marriage, divorce, custody, property division, paternity, guardianship, and recognition. These disputes are primarily resolved without resorting to litigation, through alternative solutions such as settlement which is a fast and efficient solution.

  • Certificate of inheritance applications
  • Certificate of inheritance applications
  • Disinheritance proceedings
  • Proceedings of inheritance renunciation
  • Proceedings of inheritance transfer
  • Proceedings for determination of inheritance
  • Divorce - Alimony - Compensation - Custody Cases
  • Paternity cases
  • Protection measures and process follow-up within the scope of legislation No. 6284 and other legislation on family law and criminal proceedings arising from disputes
  • Partnership and separation of property and property regimes
  • Regime of Participation In Acquired Property
  • Legal purchase rights of partners in property regime
  • Matrimonial home and practices
  • Case of partition