Insurance Law

Within the framework of the Insurance Law and other legislation, the concept of insurance affects every aspect of life. Disputes with insurance companies about compensation or insurance fees are increasing day by day regarding insurance activities which are involved in all parts of life, especially movable or immovable, real estate, life, or property damage.

QSS Partners provides consultancy and advocacy services to its clients who are insured or insurance companies in all disputes related to all indemnity and insurance fee claims regarding insurance activities. Our primary areas of expertise are,

  • Compensations of damages for loss of property and damages for injuries,
  • Compensation for damages for events such as natural disasters or fire,
  • Settlement of disputes arising from insurance contracts
  • Compensation for damages for traffic accidents,
  • Settlement of disputes arising from health and life insurance,
  • Cases regarding risk identification,
  • Settlement of disputes arising from transport insurance,
  • Settlement of disputes arising from the use of right of recourse by the insurance companies,
  • Preparation of insurance contracts, follow-up of termination, partial termination or withdrawal procedures