Labour and Social Security Law

QSS Partners provides continuous and fast solutions to its local and foreign clients regarding the area of Labor and Social Security Law in all issues from the establishment to the termination. We provide consultancy services to workers, employers, unions, and confederations in order to prevent disputes in all matters of life. In possible disputes, our area of expertise includes;
  • Preparation of employment contracts in foreign languages for multinational companies
  • Obtaining all necessary permits for foreign employees
  • Drafting and managing labor contracts
  • Collective labor contracts
  • Termination of the labor contract
  • Fast and efficient resolution of disputes pending in labor courts through settlement or litigation
  • Transfer of workplace and changes of employer
  • Preparation of non-disclosure and non-competition agreements
  • Transfer of workplace and changes of employer
  • Regulation of employer-employee relations and Organizing seminars on workers' rights
  • Preparation of workplace Internal Regulations and disciplinary instructions
  • Regulations for workers' personal files